If Mountain Tops Road access or egress, for MTPOA residents, from any section of the development is blocked due to any natural event like trees or power lines down across the road, mudslides, a road collapse, or if there is any type of long-lasting emergency response situation involving a law enforcement agency, fire department, or other recognized governmental agency the following procedure will be activated and used.


This emergency cut thru is located between 481 and 345 North Dreamcatcher (the area formally known as Oyer’s Pond).  It connects North Dreamcatcher via a gravel cut thru, which is co-owned by Ralph & Rise’ Holt and David & Carlen Arnold, to Whispering Lake Drive.  You would turn right onto Whispering Lake Drive, continue straight on Rosewood Drive, which connects with Bullen Gap Road.  A right onto Bullen Gap will take you the Appalachian Highway (Rt. 515) and left would take you to Sugar Creek Road.


The MTPOA President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer or other Board Member of the MTPOA will notify the Holt’s and Arnold’s by phone, text, or e-mail, that an event has occurred and there is need to open the emergency cut thru.  The activation can also work in reverse where Holt’s and Arnold’s notify the MTPOA Board.

This cut thru is on private property and is normally closed to ALL TRAFFIC other than what is approved by Holt’s and Arnold’s.  It will be opened for a period of unknown duration, until the event or situation resolves itself to the degree that reasonable traffic can safely move in and out of Mountain Tops. The MTPOA Board will get the opening and closing information out to the residents using our email list and Face Book post.  If you are not on the email list you may not know what is happening other than, by word-of-mouth from your friends or neighbors.

All persons using the emergency cut thru during an event or situation must exercise caution and patience.  It is a gravel cut thru, so all residents should proceed SLOWLY as not to create issues for others, also be cautious of the owner’s pets and family members that may be on the property.


At such time as the event/situation is determined to be resolved to the point that road traffic in and out of Mountain Tops can safely resume, the Connector will be closed, and everyone can resume their normal traffic flow and activities.

All of Mountain Tops residents greatly appreciate Ralph & Rise’ Holt and David & Carlen Arnold opening this cut thru in these types of events/situations for all residents under this procedure.

July – 2019